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Rohypnol is a benzodiazepine with properties similar to those of Valium and Xanax. Its main function is to depress the central nervous system. It is manufactured in 1 mg doses. The 2 mg dose that was once available has been discontinued by the manufacturer. However, law enforcement officials in the United States and other countries say counterfeit 2-mg pills are being discovered

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Drug Name: Rohypnol
Tablet Strength:30 pill x 2mg
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OFFICIAL NAMES: Flunitrazepam, Rohypnol


DRUG CLASSIFICATIONS: Schedule IV, hypnotic, sedative


Rohypnol is available in pills that are slightly smaller than aspirin and may or may not be sealed in the manufacturer’s plastic bubble pack, making them look like any 8pills medication.

The pills are easily crushed and are sometimes both odourless and colourless—although, again, legally manufactured Rohypnol now turns blue when dissolved in beverages. Although the powder does have a slightly bitter taste, illegally manufactured Rohypnol is often easily disguised when dissolved in alcohol or flavoured beverages. The drug’s effects typically begin within 30 minutes and peak at two hours after ingestion. A single dose can produce effects on the user that last for eight hours or more.

While swallowing the pills or dissolving them in liquid are the most common ways to take Rohypnol, reports suggest some abusers crush the pills and snort the powder much as they would cocaine. The White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) also indicates there is evidence that some abusers are injecting powdered Rohypnol with hypodermic needles, possibly as a cheap substitute for heroin.